A great little find for lovers of vodka and hearty Polish food is the rustic Borsh Vodka and tears in Chapel Street, Windsor. They actually have other locations around Melbourne but this one is my favorite.

A long standing bohemian enclave at the nice end of chapel st, Borsch vodka and tears is open from 9am weekdays and 10am on weekends. They serve fine genovese coffee at the lowest prices in the strip and anything from toast and jam, big scrambled breakfasts or a selection of our traditional polish dishes after 3pm daily. Here is the menu!


Spicy Bloody Mary has bite!


Vodka is their middle name!
With over one hundred vodkas mainly from Poland and it’s neighbors  many of which they import themselves and are unavailable elsewhere in Australia.
Try them as the poles do, straight up or with food, or sample one of the many skillful and imaginative combinations of our unique ingredients weaved by our cocktail bartenders.

Quote Board

Quote Board

The have a great quote board with some drinking wisdom to keep it real, its updated regularly and always makes me laugh!


Inside is toasty warm and the drinks will be sure to warm you up in these cold Melbourne Winter months. Be sure to try something from the Polish food menu, even if you cant pronounce the name!


Customer Reviews:

If you’ve never tried traditional Polish food, Borsch Vodka and Tears should be your first port of call. Rustic wooden furniture and patterned European style crockery give this restaurant/café a homely feel. With over 100 vodkas on the menu and the most comforting pierogi (polish dumplings), which I liken to little pillows, I can’t go past the cheese and potato pierogi served with fried onion and sour cream and a g-spot (cherry vodka and champagne).

I came in breakfast on a busy Sunday morning on chapel st at Borsch Vodka & Tears bar I came in a warm from the staff I sat down and I had a big breakfast with the sauce on the side in the end food and the service was very good all around well done guys I know when the next time I’m coming for breakfast on the weekend .

Possibly the only cafe or bar in Melbourne that keeps their front door shut so you don’t have to breathe the cigarette smoke from the filthy smokers sitting out the front. Great food and lovely staff too. One of my faves in the whole of Melbourne.

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